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Fun For Four

I had been dating Lynn for about three weeks. I had only just turned eighteen, and had never really had a proper sexual relationship, even though I had lost my virginity a few years earlier. Lynn and I hadn't gone all the way just yet, we had just had some fun, she was so good at sucking me, I loved to stroke her long dark hair as she did it. Whenever I came, she would swallow it all up fast, and look up at me and smile as if to say "That was great baby."

One Saturday night we decided it was time to go for it properly. I kissed her first, my tongue moving around her mouth. As I did this, I cupped her large breasts in my hands, slipped her top over her head, and placed my hand inside her cup, twisting and pulling at her nipple. Eventually I removed the bra and sucked on her full breasts, switching from one to the other, as I held her hands in mine. She let out soft little moans as I did this, and after practically no time at all she had removed her skirt and panties, and was motioning that I invade her little pussy with my tongue. Of course I did as she asked and after no time at all she released her sticky sweet load.

After this we just broke free and I fucked her harder than anyone before. She was screaming out "MORE, YES, HARDER!!" and obviously having the time of her life. She screamed louder than ever when I came inside her. I shouted out that I fucking loved her.

As we lay there in a post-sexual daze, my hand gently massaging her pussy, she asked me if I had ever done it with another guy before. I was taken aback by this question, considering we had just had this great sex, but nevertheless I answered her and told her that I hadn't. She asked me if I would like to, as her friend Lauren had told her that she thought a foursome would be a laugh.

I will admit I was excited at the prospect, I had always felt different about Lauren's boyfriend Dan. I never thought of myself as bi-sexual, yet I found myself telling Lynn that I had always wanted to suck on a man's cock. So Lynn got up and made the call, and in about 10 minutes Lauren and Dan knocked on the door.

Lynn answered, and to my surprise, as soon as we all got back upstairs, Lynn and Lauren started kissing passionately, and gripping each other's breasts. Dan and I looked at each other, both wondering. I was wondering what he would say if I kissed him, I think he was wondering the same thing, as we slowly moved towards each other. As our tongues explored each other's mouths, I began to grow confident, and I placed my hand around Dan's cock through his pants. It must have been at least 8 inches, I was amazed. He looked at me and nodded, and I unzipped his pants, removed his underwear, and buried that huge cock in my mouth.

I could not believe how much fun I was having with this huge pecker between my lips, and as Dan told me he was about to blow, I eagerly awaited his deposit. As he came, I could not believe how sweet his load tasted, and I swallowed it all down. He told me it was his turn, and he removed my dick from my pants and played with it in his hands, getting it nice and hard. Then he plunged his mouth downwards and onto my stiffening knob. I came almost instantly.

It was only a moment later when I realised that Lauren and Lynn were watching us, and Dan and I decided to put on a show for them. We managed to get into a '69', both bathing each other's genitals. The girls were obviously excited by this, and to mine and Dan's surprise they grabbed the other girl's partner and sucked on his cock. Lauren was so good at sucking my cock, even better than Dan. I thought how much fun it must be for them when they fuck. As I blew my third load of the night, Lauren looked up at me, and looked back at my cock, and instead of swallowing the sweet cum, she kissed me with it still between her sweet lips. I was surprised how my own semen tasted, I liked it. I think Lauren sensed this, because she moved her lips and the mixture of cum and saliva escaped, running down both of our chests.

I looked at Lauren's breasts. They were a lot bigger than Lynn's, must have been a DD. Lauren held her left breast in her hand, and twisted her nipple until it became hard and erect. She beckoned for me to suck on it, and or course I obliged. As I kissed, licked, sucked and massaged her great breasts, I let my hands slip down to her pussy, and began to slip my finger, very gently, in and out, in and out. I knew Lauren would love this, and as I slowly masturbated her pussy for her, while still sucking her tit, she let out loud moans, which as I slammed my fingers in harder, turned to pleasured screams. She blew about a minute later, her sweet goo covering my hand. I knew what she wanted me to do with it, so I rubbed my hand over her breast, then proceeded to lick the cum from it.

Meanwhile, Lynn and Dan were having a great time. Dan was jamming his erect penis in and out of Lynn's little ass while Lynn screamed for mercy. I heard Lynn moan "YEEEEEEAAAHHH" as Dan's load erupted in her ass like a volcano.

The four of us looked at each other, and we all agreed that pairing off had been fun, but a REAL foursome was what we all wanted. There was something I had always wanted to try, and I told the others. We all put our heads together, and all four of us kissed at once. The pleasure of having three hot tongues on my own was such a great one, I was aslmost6 ready to cum right then! But I saved it for when the real fun started.

We got into a sexual rhythm, in this order: Dan was at the front, groaning as Lynn gave him a monster blowjob. Lauren was underneath Lynn, licking and sucking at her pussy, flicking her clit with her tongue. I followed up at the rear (literally), as I fucked Lauren's ass harder than I'd ever fucked an ass before. We were all screaming and moaning, this was the best moment of my life.

We all then changed positions, Dan and I fucking our girlfriends up their asses, while they kissed and touched each other's breasts. We got a great rhythm going, and soon we were all screaming in unison. Dan blew his load into Lauren first, she stopped kissing Lynn, and fell to her knees in sexual ecstasy. Lynn saw this chance and pushed Lauren's head into her pussy. Lauren knew exactly what her friend wanted and lapped up Lauren's pussy, and the outbreak of cum which spurted out.

While those two beautiful women played with each other, Dan and I sat and watched. He started wanking off my cock, pulling it up and down, harder and harder, and pretty soon I was doing the same to him as we watched our little bitches fuck each other.

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